Complete refurbishment and change of use of the existing 4 storey imposing Victorian building in the town centre. The new accommodation comprises four one bedroom flats for rent on the open market and two affordable flats for rent. The refurbishment was made possible through a loan obtained from the Local Authority Empty Homes Scheme.

The conversion retains the character of the original building by measures such as replacing the original sash windows with timber to match the style of the original, adding dormer windows to match the existing, retaining the high ceilings and internal doors and joinery and retention of the original staircase as the new communal stair to the flat entrances. The building was upgraded to current Building Regulations standards such as structural tying in of external walls to floors, fire protection between flats and fire alarm system, below ground damp-proofing, radon gas measures, resistance to sound transfer between flats (e.g. new ceilings), roof ventilation, mechanical ventilation, water conservation, new drainage connections, new guarding to large stair window and upgrading the fabric with thermal insulation; as well as new shower rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms for each of the six flats. Existing voids within the building, such as the fireplaces were opened up to provide routes for new drainage pipework, ventilation ducting and other services to avoid loss of the original fabric.

Specialist timber treatment was undertaken and asbestos was removed from the building as part of the refurbishment process.

The original shop front had been replaced in recent times with an inappropriate style of shop front. This was removed and a new glazed frontage, replicating the original Victorian style with a hand painted sign was installed as a replacement.